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College Life Articles

  1. Comparing On-Campus Housing to Off-Campus Housing (594 words)
  2. Choosing Carpet for Your Dorm Room (592 words)
  3. Evacuating Your College Housing Due to Hurricanes or Other Natural Disasters (591 words)
  4. Graduation Gifts That Will Actually Be Used at College (590 words)
  5. Is It Worth It to Take a Job as an RA? (568 words)
  6. Move-In Day Tips to Save Time and Sanity (599 words)
  7. Off-Campus Jobs versus On-Campus Jobs (606 words)
  8. Q & A on the Drop/Add Period and Withdrawing from Classes (599 words)
  9. Sorority Rush: First Impressions Count (595 words)
  10. Unexpected Opportunities to Spend Money at College (600 words)

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