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PLR Please

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is PLR?

PLR, or “Private Label Rights,” is a type of license under which authors sell most or all of their rights to the content they’ve created.

Private Label Content comes in many different formats, including reports, articles, graphics, ebooks, templates, and videos.

When you purchase PLR material, you can rebrand the content and claim authorship yourself. You can also modify the content and sell it or repurpose it for your own business purposes.

If you change the product significantly, you can even claim copyright!

Why Should I Buy PLR From PLR Please?

  • Our content is high quality
  • Our content is reasonably priced
  • Our content covers a wide variety of topics
  • Our PLR catalog is growing every month
  • No memberships – Buy only what you need, when you need it

How Do I Purchase PLR From PLR Please?

To purchase a product, select the “Add To Cart” button directly underneath the product.

You can continue to shop if you’d like, and when you’re ready to complete the purchase just click on the “View Cart” button.

Click on the “Checkout With PayPal” button at the bottom right of your cart page and you will be taken to PayPal to complete your purchase.

After your purchase has been processed, you will be granted access to a ‘Thank You’ page that contains the download links to your purchases.

You will also be sent a “Thank You” email containing the link for your Thank You/Download Page. 

Will I Get Penalized By Google For Using PLR?

No!  Google’s definition of “duplicate content” is an often misunderstood concept.

Duplicate content refers to a situation where multiple pages within one web site contain essentially the same content.

Do I Have To Rewrite PLR That I Purchase?

No, not if you don’t want to.

BUT – I always recommend that you rewrite any content you purchase to some extent.

I feel that PLR is more beneficial to an online business when it is edited to reflect the business’s own particular voice and slant.

How Long Are The Articles Sold On PLR Please?

Article lengths vary, but usually range anywhere from 450 words on up. The exact word count for each article is reflected on the information sheet for each pack.

In What Format Will I Receive My PLR?

Each article pack is contained within its own ZIP file. Within the ZIP file, the articles are in .TXT format. 

What You CAN Do With PLR From PLR Please

  • You can put your own name on the articles.
  • You can use or sell the content “as is.”
  • You can modify the content in way you please. Feel free to add, subtract or edit any content to suit your needs and preferences.
  • You can post the content to your website, blog, newsletter, autoresponder, membership site, eCourse, special report or anywhere else that you publish content.
  • You can combine multiple articles or content to create an ebook, report, or any other product that you can then sell or give away.
  • You can add your own affiliate links, product links, and Adsense codes

What You CANNOT Do With PLR From PLR Please

  • You may not sell or give away the PLR or resell rights for this content.
  • You may not put my name or the title “PLR Please” on any of the content you use.
  • You may not use any content from PLR Please as a part of another PLR product.
  • You may not distribute PLR Please content through any of the numerous articles directories  without editing the content materially. (This is against the rules for most article directories!)

What Is Your Refund Policy?

There are no refunds on PLR Please content.

What Types Of Products Can I Create With PLR?

The list is almost endless!  Here are just a few examples:

  • Use individual articles as posts for your website
  • Use them in your newsletters
  • Combine multiple articles to create an eBook
  • Read your eBook into a tool like Audacity to create your own MP3s
  • Create your own special reports to use for email list opt-in bonuses
  • Use them to promote products – either those you own or those for an affiliate program of which you are a member.

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